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Aneka Kitchens of Canberra is 100% devoted to custom kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

At Aneka Kitchens, we manufacture all our cabinetry in-house, using world class manufacturing software and state of the art computerised CNC machinery. This ensures that the quality of our kitchen manufacturing process is the best available and achieves the highest standards possible within your budget.


Our process starts in the office, where our Production Manager personally handles the quote-to-job transition to ensure that everything runs smoothly. He goes to your home to do a final detailed measure of your room, then the design is loaded into our production software and the final tweaks to sizes and details are made to ensure a 100% correct fit.

Cutting & Drilling

We then produce the code for the CNC machine to cut and drill your job perfectly. This enables us to customise all aspects of your kitchen at minimal costs to you.

Our concern is for the correct and smooth operation of all items; like corner drawers; bi-folding doors; soft close drawer runners; and any other moving internal cabinetry hardware.

Before each part is machine drilled and cut, labels are automatically applied (via our world class automatic labeller) with detailed instructions for the factory workers describing the next process to be undertaken.


Even applying the edge treatment to your cabinetry is now fool-proof as the labels provide all the information for the operator. The edgings are all high impact resistant ABS edges (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS, is a highly quality thermoplastic, rigid and environmentally friendly product), to ensure longevity and reduce possible damage for many, many years to come.


As all the cabinets are cut and drilled to perfection and the labels on each part contain the construction details, assembly is easy and all errors avoided.


Construction is only as good as the initial design. So spending the time up front will ensure that cabinets will not only fit perfectly but work well. Our Production Manager’s motto is “design right and manufacture once”.

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