New Kitchen Now & Free Holiday Later!

Have a look at some of these exciting getaway destinations!


Complimentary accommodation voucher with every new kitchen purchased!!!

Get your Beautiful New Kitchen installed now and then plan your ultimate Local Holiday escape later. When the travel restrictions are lifted and you feel it is safe and the time is right for you, just select your preferred travel dates and you'll be one of the first to take a well-earned, relaxing break - on us!


Step 1

Complete the form to book an appointment with us!

Step 2

Order your new kitchen from us within the 30 day period.

Step 3

When you feel comfortable, just lock in your travel dates and you're away! Valid 24 months.


Extra Bonus: If you don't accept our quotation for whatever reason, as our way of saying thank you for considering us, we will send you a heavily discounted accommodation voucher, that's right, should you not decide to go ahead with us you will still be eligible for a holiday voucher!

*This is not a competition and there are definitely no timeshare presentations, but it is for ACT residents only and T&C's do apply. If you order the kitchen through us (within the 30 days of submitting the form) we will even pay the nightly hotel taxes and booking fees for you!

T&C's for redeeming the vacation:

There are only a limited number of the FREE Design Consultations slots available per week. So, don’t delay, submit your appointment booking Right NOW!

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