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2021-02-21, 00:00
Dear Rod & Sue,

Thank you for your email and we totally understand works stop at Christmas and the new year period.

We are so happy with our new kitchen. It is exactly how I imagined it to look. The cabinetry is stunning and all trades people we had were very friendly and did an amazing job. The house looks like a very different place now that we also had walls knocked out for the main living area to open up.

Could you please confirmed if we received a refund for $500 which was paid early in the piece for the design service.

Kind regards
Dawn & Sava
2020-12-18, 12:44
Hi Sue and Rod,

Thanks for doing up our kitchen particularly completing it in time for Christmas 2020 as we are also expecting our sons to visit us.
I have made the final payment today.

We have started using the facilities and thanks to Christine who did the design and Andrew, Randall and Warren who put your hands together to complete the work.

Kind regards and best wishes for the season.

Soosa & Devi
2020-11-24, 16:14
Hi Rod and Sue,

Thanks very much. We are very happy with the product and all the installers and tradesmen were fantastic. Final payment has just been processed so should be with you soon.


Rob and Heidi
2020-10-08, 15:30

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback.

We had Christine visit yesterday afternoon for a kitchen quote in Gordon.

She was amazing and very thorough with her assessment of our kitchen and made us feel very at ease with the entire process.

It's the first time since embarking in this new kitchen process that I have felt at ease and not completely overwhelmed.

Please pass on our thanks to Christine.

Cate Cool
2020-10-01, 10:03
Hi Sue & Rod

We will pay the invoice today.

We’re very happy with our kitchen; the quality, design & features are fantastic. Just waiting for Thor’s hammer to install the bench top - next Tuesday. We will send updated pictures when completed.

We will also complete a google review in the next day, along the same lines above.

Thanks to you, your team and partner trades who delivered on time, with good attitude & respect for the non-work area & us. We are only too happy to recommend Aneka.

Kind regards, Dave & Annette
2020-09-28, 10:02
Hi Sue,

Thank you and your staff for everything. The joinery is beautiful as always! Very good quality and we are very pleased with the way it looks.

I will take a photo when it’s all installed and send it to you.

I have paid the invoice and hopefully it will hit your account tomorrow or the next day.

Many thanks,
2020-09-07, 10:53
Hi Sue/Andrew

I just wanted to give my sincere thanks to Aneka and the two of you for delivering my new sideboard come desk. It has turned out exactly how I wanted it and I’m thrilled to be able to sit and organise my space.

Attached are some pictures of the final product Following the stone installation today.

Ese Rainey
2020-08-20, 06:33
Dear Aneka team,
It's been a pleasure, now we love this kitchen even more.

Best regards,

Alberto and Federica
2020-08-16, 21:09
Dear Christine, Andrew, Warren, Sue and team,
Thank you so much - you are all very impressive. We absolutely love our new kitchen.
Being a bit particular, I had some specific ideas for the kitchen but didn’t know exactly how to bring it all together. Christine and Andrew were absolutely fantastic walking me through the design process, understanding what I was after, and incorporating (rather than dismissing) my ideas into a beautiful and functional space.
The communication was flawless – the team were always easy to get ahold of, and were always happy to work through any and all of my concerns.
The execution was also excellent, everyone was always punctual, there were no unexpected or unnecessary delays (which really helped when you were living without a kitchen). The work was completed to a high standard – everything fits perfectly and all the finishes were of a high quality. It was also very impressive to see how seamlessly the different teams (Aneka Kitchens team, electrician, plumber, plasterer etc) all worked so well together.
Thank you all again very much and I would not hesitate to recommend Aneka Kitchens to anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen.
2020-06-24, 02:02
Hi Sue and Rod,

As I mentioned to Andrew when he was last here, I am absolutely delighted with my new kitchen and thank you and your team and all the contractors for the fast, efficient and friendly service.

I have paid the invoice today. The receipt number is 127755699.

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