So you spent months contemplating, designing and re-designing your new kitchen. You have thought about everything from the colour of the kickboards to the location of the handles and now you are ready to get the manufacturing started. You've waited long enough.

What happens next?


Ordering Materials

Some products and materials that need to be bought-in may require lead times of typically two to six weeks and the kitchen cannot begin to be manufactured until these materials have arrived.

A typical custom kitchen is usually installed anywhere from 3 weeks from contract (usually the earliest) to 10 weeks (usually the latest) but is dependent on the lead times of materials.

That does not mean that as soon as the contract is signed, the workmen arrive and rip out the old kitchen. The removal of your existing kitchen is synchronised with the actual installation of the cabinetry so there is minimal disruption.

Our Production Manager will finalise an installation date with you and book in all relevant tradespersons.

Typical Installation Process

Typically on the first day of installation the old joinery is removed and the plumber and electrician arrive to disconnect and rough-in. The next day the kitchen installation begins (or sometimes installation will commence the same day as the removal).

Installation of the cabinets is generally finished quickly, but it does depend on the materials you have selected.

Scenario 1 (1-1.5 weeks anticipated installation period): Let’s say you select a laminated bench top and a tiled splash back - the bench top is usually finished off at the same time as the cabinets are installed. The electrician and plumber reconnect power and water and the plasterer follows the next working day for patching and cornicing. Then the tiler will be organised to lay splash back tiles and return on the next working day for grouting.

Scenario 2 (4 weeks anticipated installation period): Let's say you select a stone bench top and a tiled splash back- then after the cabinets have been installed, the stone mason arrives to create a site template for the fabrication of the top. Usually the stone mason returns after 7-10 working days to install the stone bench top. Once installed, the electrician and plumber reconnect power and water and the plasterer follows the next working day for patching and cornicing. Then the tiler will be organised to lay splash back tiles and then return on the next working day for grouting.


Glass/Stone/Stainless Steel Splash backs: These splash back options have a longer lead time and will typically add 3-4 weeks to the scheduling. The fabricator normally arrives after the bench top is installed to template for the splash back. Then the splash back fabricator returns after 10-20 working days to install the splash back.

Tip: You will have a working kitchen whilst you are waiting for the splash back.

During this finishing time the kitchen will seem to go through many days without a workman showing up. It's not a fault in the production scheduling, rather just the time that is required to manufacture certain products. Processes are dependent on the completion of prior tasks.

Furthermore, any structural building work required (wall/ceiling/window modifications) will need to be factored in and added to the scheduling. 

Thus it is very important when selecting your kitchen finishes, you realise that some products will take longer to complete than others. 

Here's an example installation schedule, to be used as a basic guide only:

Work To Be Done:

Estimated Time To Complete:

Structural changes (i.e. knocking out a wall, installing a sliding cavity door, installing a new window, removing a load-bearing wall)

2 Workings days to a week

Old kitchen's cabinets, appliances, and other features removed, electrical wiring and plumbing disconnected and pipes and electrical relocated ready for new kitchen;

½ to 1 Working day

Kitchen cabinets delivered and installed

1 to 1½ Working days

Electrician & Plumber return to connect up power, lights, plumbing and finish Off

1 Working day

Plastering work

1 Working day


1½ Working days

Quality control (if required) check, final adjustments

½ Working day

Add on: Granite / Stone/ Corian / Stainless Steel bench tops

7-10 Working days to manufacture and 1 day to install: 

Add on: Glass Splash backs

3 - 4 Weeks

Add on: Flooring & Painting (if Required)

1 -1.5 Weeks